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Annie Emerald

Old School Pixel-Art Platformer

Discover an old gold mine, and find treasures, avoid creatures and overcome obstacles. Now in Early Access for Linux, macOS and Windows on

Guide Annie through a dozen levels of treasure hunting, avoid creatures and overcome obstacles. We have a long list of many possible features, including dozens of levels, controller support, new traps, healthy food, new enemies, achievements, bonuses, moving platforms and elevators. And maybe even larger levels. Very large. Maybe huge!

Keep in mind, early access means 'work in progrss'. We are still working on the game. If you played the Linux-builds, please let us know which distrubution you used.

Please support the development by donating before downloading! This way, we know, you are interested in further development!

Go to, download and have fun!


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Annie Emerald

Publishing date: in early access
Game Design/Development: Jörg (Ducks)
Art: GameCube, Divison Plus (Dungeon Toolkit), Andreas Felix Tritsch (Annie), Joe.G.Burbach (Music, Sound), JBD (Music)
Languages: English.

#OldSchool #PixelArt #Platformer #IndieGame Store


Screenshot: Laufanimation von Annie. Screenshot: Titel von Annie Emerald.
Screenshot: Run-Cycle of Annie Screenshot: Titlescreen of Annie Emerald.







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