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WDR Rundfunkchor Sing Along App
Annie Emerald Jump and Run
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... to Cologne based game studio Ducks on the Water! To catch a players attention in today's fast-paced times, you need one thing above all: a good story.

We have specialized in narrative content. It often happens that we dissolve the boundaries between digital and classic content and tell stories in several different media at once. Our app "No Money, Dude!" e.g. is a small readable story with playable content.

With our combined knowledge of apps/games and book/storytelling we are right at the intersection between games and books and can boldly go where no duck has gone before...

What we work on:

interactive video games, narrative games/stories, edutainment and commissioned work for WDR (Big Band Play Along), Naumann und Göbel (crime puzzle book), Schwager und Steinlein (Escaperoom Buch Kids), among others


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WDR Sing Along-App

The Sing Along App of the WDR Rundfunkchor is now available for Android & iOS!

The Rundfunkchor Sing Along app is based on the WDR Big Band Play Along app, which was also developed by Jörg. New in this app are conducting videos as well as a note marker to know where you are in the track. With exclusive tracks recorded especially for the app.



No Money, Dude!
no ads, no tracking

The latest update 1.4.1 of No Money, Dude! for iOS removes advertising or tracking.

As of today, No Money, Dude! is available for iOS for a small fee, but it does not contain any ads or tracking. So you can be sure that no data will leave the device.



WDR Play Along-App
wins „Preis Innovation 2020“

The Play Along App of the WDR Big Band wins the „Preis Innovation 2020“ of German Orchester-Stiftung!

The jury particularly appreciated the fact that the App offers jazz enthusiasts the opportunity to play music from home together with the internationally renowned WDR Big Band. The Special Award 2020 goes to the Stuttgart State Orchestra and the SWR Symphony Orchestra. Congratulations!



„Mord in Seattle“
Now on the market.

From now on you can buy our German puzzle crime book with 5 cold-blooded detective stories and 90 unsolved puzzles in the shop.

Who was killed at Robert Hopkins' Café? Why did the young cat burglar not open his parachute? And what does a champagne pyramid have to do with the hot tub murder? The answers require skill, flair and a great deal of powers of deduction. A puzzle book - perfect for the summer break!



"Dear, Robin"
Grant approval!

The Film- und Medienstiftung NRW
is funding our concept for the web app "Dear, Robin" about the everyday life of a robin.

We are planning a new web app where players can watch a digital robin in its natural environment. Among other things, they will find out how the songbird reacts in the sphere of influence of humans, the city and the environment. So it's practically an interactive nesting box for your pocket.



The WDR Big Band-App
is online!

Together with the WDR Big Band we developed the WDR Big Band Play Along app. So now everybody can make music with the band!

Idea and concept were created by John Goldsby of the WDR Big Band himself. Jörg from the Ducks developed the app and advised on its implementation. "Play Along" contains five arrangements of different styles, including funk and boogaloo - all of them of varying difficulty. They were recorded exclusively for the app by the WDR Big Band.



Clear the stage for
Edgar Wallace

The funding notice from BMVI has arrived! Whoo-hoo! From now on we dive deep into the Crimestories of Edgar Wallace for our new game.

Our new project "Edgar Wallace" combines classic crime literature of the early 20th century, modern web technology and board games - including various analog and digital game mechanisms - to create an immersive gameplay. What will it look like in the end? We will tell you on all of our social media channels and our homepage ...



Annie Emerald in
Early Access

Pixel Art Adventurer Annie collects emeralds in an abandoned mine. An old school Jump and Run for discoverers big and little.

Currently you can find „Annie Emerald“ on the gamer platform - free of charge, for testing. Send her on a treasure hunt through various levels, help her fight against the dark creatures under the earth and collect as many emeralds as possible. And if you like, support Annie with a few Euros, so she can soon raid more levels!

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#MOLLYAlone #Adventure #IndieGame

M.O.L.L.Y. Alone


Venture a unique space journey! Be brave, save yourself and a whole planet - with the help of a little cow!

#OldSchool #PixelArt #Platformer #IndieGame


Annie Emerald

Discover an old gold mine, and find treasures, avoid creatures and overcome obstacles. Now in Early Access for Linux, macOS and Windows on

#NoMoDu #InteractiveFiction #Mobile


No Money, Dude!

„No Money, Dude“ is an interactive text adventure in 5 chapters. You and your, let’s call him „mentor“, embark on a journey of self discovery and develop 3 different games.

Apps & Books

#App #Music #SingAlong #WDRRundfunkchor


WDR Rundfunkchor Sing Along

This App is only available in German / Germany.

App available in Germany only.

#App #Music #PlayAlong #WDRBigBand


WDR Big Band Play Along

The App won the Preis Innovation 2020 from
Deutsche Orchester-Stiftung!

The WDR Big Band wanted a modern App to let musicians play along the. The App offers printable scores and a mixer to adjust the volume of single instruments.

App available in Germany only.

The Ducks

Enjoyed playing: Maniac Mansion, Thimbleweed Park, Firewatch,
Tomb Raider.

Game Designer, Developer

Because of my love for letters and stories, I studied German philology, French and Media studies in Göttingen, Rennes and Bonn. After side trips to communication agencies, I attended a training program for Dramaturgy in Berlin in 2015.

Enjoyed playing: Monkey Island (2), Day of the Tentacle, Love you to Bits, Candy Crush.

Narrative Designer, PR

Ehemalige Ducks


After High School, I worked as a registered nurse and many years as a freelancing illustrator. I then studied illustration to follow my dream. Since 2013, I am working as an illustrator in Dortmund, Germany. I love inventing little creatures.

Enjoyed playing: Tetris, Moorhuhn,
Heavy Rain.

Illustrator (Edgar Wallace)




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