Ducks on the Water - Game-Studio from Cologne, Germany

#MOLLYAlone #Adventure #IndieGame

Planned for 2022

M.O.L.L.Y. Alone

Venture a unique space journey! Be brave, save yourself and a whole planet - with the help of a little cow!

#OldSchool #PixelArt #Platformer #IndieGame

in early access

Annie Emerald

Discover an old gold mine, and find treasures, avoid creatures and overcome obstacles. Now in Early Access for Linux, macOS and Windows on

#NoMoDu #InteractiveFiction #Mobile


No Money, Dude!

„No Money, Dude“ is an interactive text adventure in 5 chapters. You and your, let’s call him „mentor“, embark on a journey of self discovery and develop 3 different games.

#Action #Mobile #Food


Shiggys Takoyaki

Fast-paced Action at Shiggys Takoyaki-grill. Take four ingredients, and quickly prepare Takoyaki.

#Action #Free2Play #GGJ19 #Mobile


Shifty Funky Space

After your mission ended, You are lost in the outer Rim. And, now, you want to return HOME.

Change the shape of your ship by tapping it. Pass the portals in perfect shape.

#Contract #MiniGames #Mobile #WDR



In December 2018, the 'Coal-Gamejam' by WDR and Cologne Game Lab took place in Bochum, Germany. Topic: The end of black coal mining in the NRW-region. The Ducks, Djamel Berkaoui (Development) and Andreas Felix Tritsch (Game Art) developed a mini games collection for Android & iOS.

Contract work for WDR, Cologne.




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