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Shiggys Takoyaki

Fast-paced Action at Shiggys Takoyaki-grill. Take four ingredients, and quickly prepare Takoyaki.

We created this little arcade game especially for Shiggy, who runs a Takoyaki stand at parties and fairs in the real world. At the Dokomi 2018 in Düsseldorf, Germany, he presented the game with us including delicious homemade Takoyaki at the stand.

Takoyaki, what is that actually?

A small morsel, mainly consisting of tenkasu (fried tempura dough), octopus and shoga (ginger) and spring onions. Originally Takoyaki come from Kansai in Western Japan.

How does the game work?

The principle: players put together four ingredients to make a delicious Japanese Takoyaki.
The ingredients: Ginger, leek, Japanese dough and, of course, octopus.
The opponents: the fast treadmill and time!
Drag ingredients from the treadmill onto the prepared dough on the grill.

Complete all tasks before time runs out. How many points can you score?


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Shiggys Takoyaki

Publishing date: 01/2018
Idea: Shiggy/Andreas Felix Tritsch
Concept/Artwork: Andreas Felix Tritsch

Music: Djamel Berkaoui (SatyreX)

Development: Jörg (Ducks)

#Action #Mobile #Food

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