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WDR Big Band Play Along

The App won the Preis Innovation 2020 from
Deutsche Orchester-Stiftung!

The WDR Big Band wanted a modern App to let musicians play along the. The App offers printable scores and a mixer to adjust the volume of single instruments.

Anyone who has always wanted to play with the professional musicians of the WDR Big Band can do so now: the new WDR Big Band Play Along App makes it possible!

Select, download, listen to or open individual tracks in the mixer - everything works with just a few taps. And, of course, playing with the WDR Big Band. Simply select a title, mute the respective audio track of the desired instrument and off you go. Two titles are included in the app at once. Others are available for free download.

The arrangers and composers of the WDR Big Band have created the arrangements especially for the app. The criteria for this were the range of instruments as well as the rhythmic and melodic complexity of the pieces.

The basic functions:

Slider: This is where you can jump back and forth in the title.

Mixer: It is used to control the volume of the individual instruments, mute instruments or listen to individual tracks.

Treble clef: Behind it are the notes for the individual voices for the eleven available instruments (1st alto saxophone, 1st tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, 1st trumpet, 2nd trumpet, 1st trombone, bass trombone, guitar, piano, bass and drums).

Export button: The audio is saved as mp3-file in the cloud or sent by e-mail.


1 = Very easy - 1 year playing experience

2 = Simple - 2 years of playing experience

3 = Medium - 3 to 4 years of playing experience

4 = Intermediate / Advanced - Sophisticated arrangement for music school or university level

5 = advanced - university level

6 = Professional

Only available in Germany


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WDR Big Band Play Along

Publishing date: 05/2020
Updates: 12/2020, 03/2021

Idea/Concept: John Goldsby, WDR Big Band
Editorial Staff: Angelina Konrad, WDR
Development/Consulting: Jörg (Ducks)
Design: Nikola Aehle (Galopp)
Languages: Deutsch, Englisch

Contract work for WDR Big Band.

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Screenshot: Titelscreen. Screenshot: Auswahl eines Tracks. Screenshot: Der Mixer. Screenshot: Instrumente und Notenblätter.
Screenshot: Titlescreen. Screenshot: Selection of a track. Screenshot: The Mixer. Screenshot: Instruments and notes.




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